Cerny Bureau Enterprises LTD more and more involves itself in the order processing of its customers to generate cost, time and labor benefits. For example, all orders can be taken by our assignment-call-center via phone, fax, email, and Internet.

IT-Service and Supply-Chain-Management (SCM)

We always keep you up-to-date. We guarantee permanent information flow for all persons involved in the IT-process by connecting with the customer-specific electronic data processing systems.
We offer support and consulting for planning and execution of our joint processes.
We use either our customer´s ERP-system (Enterprise-Resource-Planning) as integral part of the supply chain, or offer the use of our in-house systems.

Cerny Bureau Enterprises LTD Web-Order

Our web-order system manages all transportation movements from dispatch to handover. The system provides all necessary information to answer, for instance, a request for a delivery or transport status update.
This tool processes and monitors transport orders outside our web order system. Especially the supplier´s transport applications can be monitored by the customer.
Tracking & Tracing
Wholesale shipment tracking is getting more and more important. Our online tracking and tracing toll provides you with up-to-date information about the delivery status and a complete shipment history. This way, you can follow your order in detail with the help of, for example, a transport ID, a shipping- or delivery status.
Shipment Documents
Our Electronic POD (Proof of Delivery) provides you with online access to all your order´s shipment documents. The electronic shipment data is completed by a signature and the name of the consignee in block letters.